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Welcome to our Industrial Design studio.

Together we have more than 50 years combined experience and understand what it takes to get a product from sketch to production.

We've worked on complex sheet metal designs, injection moulding conundrums, prototyping nightmares and production in South Africa and China.

We love building premium products and refining your customer needs into thoughtful, detail orientated designs.

Industrial Design and Product Development Services

Industrial Design

Conceptual Design
CAD using SolidWorks
Renders and Animations


Electronic / Mechanical
Solidworks Parametric Design
Safety Regulation Design


In-house FDM 3D printing
Outsourced MJF, SLS 3D Printing
Assembly and One-Offs
Silicone moulding


Injection Moulding
Metal Fabrication
Large Volume 3D printing
Production Management

Our product design partners

We have been privileged to work with some of the most forward thinking companies, who provide excellent products and services for their customers.

Our offices

Servicing clients all worldwide

The core team of DMC is made up of George, Stephan and Dylan. We are all industrial designers by education, each with different strengths.

Whether it's strategy, idea generation, complex surface modeling, beautiful renders or production. We have you covered.

Let's build you customers for life!

Product Design Process

We believe in building products that make sense for the real world.

"We have developed more than 10 products with DMC. The team have incredible technical skills and are so easy to work with. They know how to listen, track our meetings, and give us clear project timelines."


Plan properly and set up a strong foundation for your product’s development. Research and initial concept exploration goes a long way in ensuring your product idea is viable.

Ideation and Design

Figure out the function, explore the aesthetics and choose a basic conceptual direction to create solution for your business. Expect sketching, CAD and prototyping in this phase.

Engineering Design

Turn that concept design into a fully functional physical prototype that can be manufactured. It's imperative we test our assumptions in the real world and make sure your design can be manufactured!


Finally, your idea is validated, the product can be mass manufactured, and you're now ready to set up your manufacture partners and begin selling your idea to the world.

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Every project is unique and requires it's own plan. Get in touch so we can listen to your needs and draft a plan to build an epic solution.