Who we are


We have a core squad of Industrial Designers who lean on a great network of supporting professionals who add value to each unique project. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, love developing clever products and work well as a team. It doesn’t matter if you need a product developed from scratch or just need a chat, we are here to help. We think about user-experience, manufacture and function early on and we’re not scared of solving difficult problems!

Our Services


We will research and perfect your product development road map, this will help explore the design, business and future of the product.


Using sketches and computer assisted designs to help us refine and present solutions is a key part to the development process.


More sketching and detailed computer assisted visuals help cement our mechanical and technical solutions in the real world.


We’ve spent the time in research, design and engineering. It’s time to validate our solution through prototyping and testing the product.


Once the product is ready for manufacture, we can produce the product in any quantity, connecting with your consumers fast.


Assembly, packaging, and promoting, once your product has been manufactured, it’s ready to be enjoyed by the world abroad.

This world is crazy.

We live in an over stimulating information age with so much happening around us we sometimes feel lost… Yet moments of clarity help push forward ideas that could potentially help solve problems around us and maybe, just maybe, you’d like to take the risk and see where that idea goes?


Maybe you don’t know where to begin, not sure who to call and nervous to talk to anyone as you hold that idea close to your chest. At DMC we are no stranger to the process and will help keep your mind at rest by guiding you through the incredibly powerful and rewarding method of product development.


We hope to help you bridge that gap and connect your idea to the world.

Product design is a simple process.

There, we said it.

Although it’s simple, it’s not easy and without the help of a team that understands the process and the current manufacturing methods, materials and technologies available, it can be daunting. With our current advancements in technologies it’s much easier and affordable to develop our big ideas. That’s what we’re here for, we will help guide you through the exciting process of product development and get your idea to market.

Finding the right partners to help you bring your idea to life can be the toughest.

We hope we can help bridge that gap and connect your idea to the world.

Let’s build something amazing shall we?

We can integrate anywhere into the product development-cycle, producing business smart and innovative products.

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