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The perfect ‘proof of product’ for past clients.

From entrepreneurs to some of the biggest brands in industry, DMC has helped a multitude of clients turn their concepts into reality.

Turn a steel fitness handle idea into manufacturable product

DMC is an incredible and talented design company. If you are vetting your final choices, look no further! They are punctual, creative, intuitive engineers and designers. They brought true life to my ideas. I had a new Fitness product I was designing and DMC went above and beyond my expectations with drawings, renders and detailed manufacturing files and measurements for my prototyping. I am looking forward to getting it in my hands! If you are looking for top notch skill, communication, creativity and problem solving, DMC is your company. Hire them, worry free.

Product Design for industrial Safety Helmets

DMC is an amazing Design company. Dylan and the team have incredible technical skills and are so easy to work with. We developed an amazing product thanks to them. They know how to listen, track our meetings, and give us clear project timelines. I recommend DMC for any project.

Help with developing a few products out of Sheet metal

DMC has helped me with several industrial design projects recently, Dylan grasps the design brief very quickly and has been excellent not only in the quality of the work produced but also communicating regularly and providing excellent ideas to help add value to the project. I have very much enjoyed working with DMC and would recommend them highly to anyone needing their skillset

Design us a solar inverter range of products

DMC communicates and integrates well into our team and has a great understanding of product development which has helped us develop a range of successful products

Turn our concept design into a manufacturable product

Dylan from DMC did an excellent job with designing our product (a commercial kitchen appliance). Well for sure use his services in the future.

A process that thinks for you

Cover all your bases and your blind spots with a methodology that is proven to turn your idea into a feasible product.

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1. Initial Design

Plan properly and set up a strong foundation for your product’s development. Research and initial concept exploration goes a long way in ensuring your product idea is viable

2. Conceptual Design

The next step is to figure out the function, explore the aesthetics and choose a basic conceptual direction to create a 3D render of your future product.

4. Detailed Engineering

Now let's get ready to make sure your design is manufacture friendly. If you can't mass product your design, how are you going to have a successful business?

5. Production

You've made it, your idea is validated, the product can be mass manufactured, and you're now ready to set up your manufacture partners and begin selling your idea to the world

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3. Initial Engineering

Time to turn that concept design into a fully functional physical prototype. It's imperative we test our assumptions in the real world.

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