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Stress is universal, design is not. We created a series of conceptual designs to separate our client from the pack.
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Conceptual Design

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October 2019
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Neck Massager
Stress is universal, design is not. We created a series of conceptual designs to separate our client from the pack.

The brief was simple. We have a product that needs a major overhaul in looks and function. We had to work within manufacturing parameter's, but were able to create a handful of concepts that helped swim upstream.

Of course you know we started in sketches! The Neck Massager was a fun product to sketch, we had to think about scale, usability, aesthetics and how the parts would be manufactured. Sometimes you have to be rather creative when you have a box around you.

All the concepts had their respected markets, and pros verse cons. The project started at ten concepts, that wiggled down to five. Then we refined three.

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We believe in building products that make sense for the real world.

"We have developed more than 10 products with DMC. The team have incredible technical skills and are so easy to work with. They know how to listen, track our meetings, and give us clear project timelines."


Plan properly and set up a strong foundation for your product’s development. Research and initial concept exploration goes a long way in ensuring your product idea is viable.

Ideation and Design

Figure out the function, explore the aesthetics and choose a basic conceptual direction to create solution for your business. Expect sketching, CAD and prototyping in this phase.

Engineering Design

Turn that concept design into a fully functional physical prototype that can be manufactured. It's imperative we test our assumptions in the real world and make sure your design can be manufactured!


Finally, your idea is validated, the product can be mass manufactured, and you're now ready to set up your manufacture partners and begin selling your idea to the world.

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