Fishing tool

A passion project from inception. Dylan, being the fishing fanatic in combination with product development started researching into light tackle angling. The project used user centered research, interviews with a multitude of people within the fishing fraternity, focus groups and good ol’ fashion reading to help drive design decisions on this product. The fishing tool helps combine a few of the vital necessaries needed when fishing with light tackle. The aim is to only take the tool, your rod and nothing else, or be a great hands-on accessory to the angler when ‘in the moment’. The project’s aim was to design something that aided the light tackle angler, the design we ended up does just that. Leading up to the final design there were multiple revisions in sketch, CAD and foam models, with the final prototype produced in a 3D printed acrylic. The project ended with the prototype, maybe one day we’ll pick it up again.

Conceptual Design, Human Centered Design, Industrial Design, Prototype, Research