Bottle Top

A boutique branding company in New York needed some help developing the bottle top for a premium Australian Whiskey brand. We discussed a few of the different options for the project, taking mass production, manufacture techniques and finish of the product into consideration. Once we had settled on a technique and supplier, we turned the design into a manufacture friendly part which leading up to the final design, had about 5 iterations. This was a well collaborated project between the client, DMC and supplier in Portugal. We had time to develop this project as the Whiskey was being processed, this allowed the team to refine until everyone was satisfied. The part was cast using a metal alloy with a hand finished copper effect and produced in quantities a couple thousand parts at a time.

kangaroo bottle top design
kangaroo bottle top copper finish
kangaroo bottle top copper finish
3D design, 3D sculpting, investment casting, mass production, metal casting