Why hire a professional to help develop your idea?

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Why hire a professional to help develop your idea?

We understand materials and manufacture methods.

We have great idea of what materials and manufacture methods are available. Look, we do not claim to be professors on the topics; however we have vast experience working in a variety of materials and we do so on a regular basis. We also keep up with technology, and the ever-expanding manufacture trends.

Once you have explained your idea or product to us, we can formulate a plan forward as to how we can go about prototyping the design right through to mass production. We will investigate how your product needs to function, the usability, volume, time frame, budget, finishes and intended market.  Then see which materials and manufacture methods suit.

Our goal is to match your products needs with the right way to get the design built.  

We have some inside information about your product.

Chances are we’ve either built a product similar to yours or used the same manufacture techniques you will need to use. You don’t know, what you don’t know, and you only know, once you’ve tested whatever you want to know. And we’ve done some testing. When you develop a product like yours with us. You lean on our years of experience and our failures, so it doesn’t happen to you and your project. Helping you save time and money.  

We will be your partner and listen.

We are experts in developing products, making them work, making them manufacturable, and aligning product features to your vision.  

You bring the insights and understanding of the products problem, and we bring the rest. We won’t pretend to know about every industries intricacy. We lean on you for insights and we dig up our own research. We partner up with you and use both our strengths to the projects advantage.

Let’s be partners and put the product requirements first.

We help you dig deep.

Either you want to solve for the problem or solve for the symptoms. We can distinguish between a well thought out brief and not.

Sometimes figuring out the brief can be tough and refining your products core goals can be a messy. We help you by asking questions, brainstorming, and figuring out where your idea came from. This can help you refine your thinking, which improves your brief, which ultimately creates a unified direction for your product.    

We ask the right questions, bringing up valuable insight

Be open, and we will return your honesty with cohesive design.

When we listen to you explain your idea, we want to know every detail. We want to hear the core to the problem and whatever surrounds it. Leave no stone unturned, tell us about the past, present and future. This enables us to listen, analyse and plan.

Every single element in the products ecosystem needs to be thought about from the beginning. This helps us design a cohesive solution and will save time, money, and resources as we do not have to add things in later.

Spill the beans now, so we can analyse all of them.

Save your stress for selling, we’ll worry about making the product work.

Product design companies can charge, what seems like a lot of money in the beginning, if you end up with a great firm, you’ll soon realise that you can just relax and enjoy the process. Developing a product takes time and energy. In our short lives, why stress about a journey that should bring fun and success?

Besides, when you’re having fun and working with a happy team, people will be more willing to help solve your problems  

Have some fun, trust the process!

If you are looking to partner up with a transparent, easy to work with, reliable firm, whose core belief is putting the projects requirement first. Then please do get in contact, we’d love to hear your idea.

Not all industrial design, engineering or product development companies do things the same way, nor do they have the same approach. The views and methods expressed in this article are based on how dmc works and approaches development.