Tablet Enclosure

Create a solution for a cellular company wanting to activate customers on the spot
3D printing

Our first goal was to source and make sure all the internal components worked together.

The second was to create an enclosure that was injection mouldable and match their brand’s aesthetic.

We presented multiple variations of designs through sketch and renders.

Designed a custom PCB to help link tablet, USB, smart card reader and fingerprint scanner.

From there we built a handful of prototypes with a final design approved.

Once we had decided on a design and sourced the electronic components, we perfected the detailed model and moved forward with a prototype.

We used a white SLS Nylon print to test the electronics, the mechanical snap fit and the general appearance of the design.

We designed a soft-touch cover to go with the design, this added some personality into the product.

We produced a round of 10 products using vacuum forming.

This was a good way to test the product on customers without the large cost of creating injection moulds.

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