Why hire a professional to help develop your idea?

You know that moment, when you’ve just received a price from someone professional, and you’re looking at another quote, which is half the cost. But in your gut, that feeling about the more expensive person makes you feel secure. But dammit, it’s double or even triple the cost of this other person!

This article provides a little bit of inside info, as to why that industrial designer or industrial design company costs a bit extra.  

Industrial designers understand materials and manufacture methods.

Looking at a beautiful rendering of your product before it’s built can sometimes be a lie. As an industrial designer, we have to understand many different materials and manufacture methods to make sure that when you go from a beautiful rendering to manufacture, the product ends up looking the same. It’s very easy to lie with digital mastery, but when it comes to building the product, you need to know what you’re doing.  

Throughout the years, we are exposed to all sorts of different manufacturing, we work with experts and we build up knowledge that allows us to make informed decisions about what is possible and what is a lie. This helps us provide you with information on designs before you spend all your hard-earned money designing something that maybe can’t be manufactured when you get to the end. Or, it can be manufactured, but for a price that doesn’t make sense for your business, so you can’t even make a profit.

When developing a product, we always have manufacturing in the back of our mind. This constant thinking helps you build a product that is manufacturable, and gives it a better chance of working for your business.


We use the right method of manufacture at the right time

Throughout the development process, you have to build prototypes to test your assumptions, the shape, the fit, the look, function, etc.

All of these different prototypes will have a purpose of being built. In the beginning, you’re not going to spend $5000 building the first prototype which you’re just testing the size. Could you get away with a $100cardboard block? Maybe a $200, low-fi solid 3D print? A CNC’d block of wood? You get the idea…

These are the questions and aspects we understand and will help you choose the best method of manufacture for whichever stage your product is in. Our goal is to make sure you spend the perfect amount of money to test what is needed. This helps us move efficiently and cost effectively through the design process.

We match your products needs with the right way to get the design built so we can test what is necessary.  


We like to keep up with technology, and the ever-expanding manufacture trends.

Just 30 years ago, industrial designers were spending days at desks, hand sketching engineering drawings that were to be sent to the manufacturers. The manufacturers were programming their machine manually or even doing most of the manufacturing manually themselves with hand tools.

Much has changed since then and it’s our duty to read, learn and expand our minds to embrace change within our field.

Technology opens doors of opportunity and can help improve lives, manufacture techniques, and even bring what was impossible into the possible.

We try not to stick to what we know. We stick to developing great products using whatever tools and methods are available as efficiently and effectively as possible.


We have some inside information about your product

Just because we haven’t built your exact product before, doesn’t mean we don’t know what yours is all about.

Chances are we’ve either built a product similar to yours or used the same manufacture techniques you will need to use. You don’t know, what you don’t know, and you only know, once you’ve tested whatever you want to know. And we’ve done some testing, failing and learning on a few other products.

When you develop a product like yours with us. You lean on our years of experience and our failures, so it doesn’t happen to you and your project. Helping you save time and money.  

We will be your partner and we will listen

We are experts in developing products, making them work, making them manufacturable, and aligning product features to your vision.  

You bring the insights and understanding of the products problem, and we bring the rest. We won’t pretend to know about every industries intricacy. We lean on you for insights and/or we dig up our own research. We partner with you and use both our strengths to the projects advantage.

Let’s be partners and put the product requirements first, then build a product that makes sense for your vision.

We help you dig deep

Either you want to solve for the problem or solve for the symptoms. We can distinguish between a well thought out brief and not.

Sometimes figuring out the brief can be a tough thing to do and refining your products core goals can be a messy. We help you by asking questions, brainstorming, and figuring out where your idea came from. This can help you refine your thinking, which improves your brief, which ultimately creates a unified direction for your product.  

Asking the right questions can help bring up valuable insights.

Be open, and we will return your honesty with cohesive design

When we listen to you explain your idea, we want to know every detail. We want to hear the core to the problem and all the frills surrounding it. Leave no stone unturned, tell us about the past, present and future. This helps us analyse and plan.

Every single element in the products ecosystem needs to bethought about from the beginning. This helps us design a holistic solution and will save time, money, and resources.

Spill all the beans now, so we can build the perfect tin and not have to add more beans later.  


Save your stress for selling, we’ll worry about making the product work

Product design companies can charge, what seems like a lot of money in the beginning, if you end up with a great firm, you’ll soon realise that you can just relax and enjoy the process. Developing a product takes time and energy. In our short lives, why stress about a journey that should bring fun and hopefully success?

When you’re having fun and working with a happy team, solving problems comes naturally and with a smile.  

Developing something new, is a process. Rush it and it will feel rushed. Too slow and you may miss your gap. Steady, consistent work is a method that yields great results without too much stress (There will be stress)

Author: Dylan Cooper