Why us?

Dmc is a dynamic team of independent consultants that are experts in taking a product to market.
We are young enough to push hard and old enough to measure twice.

We all have side hustles, so we know what it actually takes to get a product to market.

We use multiple brains for problem-solving with a dedicated lead designer for that personal attention.

We dedicate the best version of ourselves, by only working on a handful of projects at a time.

We are a down-to-earth team working with individuals and companies worldwide.

We are cheaper than an agency and faster than a freelancer. 

And we’re here to help you deliver your practically perfect product that is perfectly practical!

Our Team

Stephan Le Roux

Industrial Designer
Stephan has a form follows function approach to design. He has been applying and refining this with a variety of successful products ranging from unique custom designs to large scale manufacturing. He loves analyzing the user experience and research to really understand the product and make it better and more intuitive

George Hugo

Industrial Designer
George is convinced that there is always a better way to do things and has a mind constantly seeking puzzles to solve. Bringing that approach to his product design work has helped him produce a solid portfolio of successful products for a wide range of clients. His favourite way of working is collaborating with the client, the user, manufacturers, and other like-minded designers to create solutions that work on every level.

Dylan Cooper

Industrial Designer / Founder
Dylan has worked on a variety of products from various industries, as well as developed his own products. He has a diverse knowledge base of taking a product to market which has given him a holistic approach for product development. He loves listening to great ideas that could add value to the world, then figuring out how to make those ideas flourish in todays market.

Like what we do?

Are you a freelancer that likes working on your own time? Are you looking to work on rad projects with a fun team? Don’t want the hassle of chasing clients for money? We work on project-to-project basis and are looking to connect with like-minded designers and engineers. Get the freedom of freelancing with the support of a team. Drop us a message and let’s connect!