About us

Dmc is a dynamic team of independent consultants that are experts in taking a product to market. We all love solving problems and take pride in transforming the idea into a successful product.  
Our first step is understanding your needs, and developing a customized approach. This is followed by executing the approach until a solution that hits the brief is born.

Whether it’s an hour consult, a new lid for your blender design, or a car, we don’t judge. We want to make a difference and add value to your product.

So let's turn your idea into something you can be proud of!

Do get in touch.

Our Team

Dylan Cooper

Industrial Designer
Dylan has worked on a variety of products from various industries, as well as developed his own products. He has a diverse knowledge base of taking a product to market which has given him a holistic approach for product development. He loves listening to great ideas that could add value to the world, then figuring out how to make those ideas flourish in todays market.

George Hugo

Industrial Designer
George is convinced that there is always a better way to do things and has a mind constantly seeking puzzles to solve. Bringing that approach to his product design work has helped him produce a solid portfolio of successful products for a wide range of clients. His favourite way of working is collaborating with the client, the user, manufacturers, and other like-minded designers to create solutions that work on every level.

Our Partners

David Basset

Branding and Copywriter
David is passionate about creativity and building brands. And, for the last decade, he has come up with awarded campaigns, digital ads and creative strategies for brands such as BMW Motorrad, Unilever, Burger King and Toyota to name a few.